#1 Your Business is Our Business.
Every design agency has its own graphic language. Attracting new clients, growing market share, and increasing turnover. This is ours.

#2 Good Design is Good Business.
Using a careful combination of pictures and words, our aim is to communicate what you’re offering in the most competitive, meaningful, clear and consistent way.

#3 Keep it Simple.
If your message isn’t clear, nobody’s interested. Our job is to do the hard work so your audience doesn’t have to. It’s that simple.

#4 Everything is Considered.
To find the simplest solution means fully exploring the problem. Inside out. Outside in. Upside down. Then we need to consider your market, your competition, and our planet. Anything else?

#5 Nothing is Wasted.
Nothing is there that doesn’t need to be – not a line, not a colour, not a word. Waste costs us time, you money, and the Earth its future.

#6 Be Appropriate.
What do we want to say and what’s the simplest, clearest way to say it? Good design is not always the most beautiful design, but it is always the most relevant design.

#7 Is it Timeless?
Part of the process is to ask: “Will this element still be around in ten years time and, if so, will it still seem appropriate?” If the answer is “No”, then we have not done our job.

#8 Good Design Takes Time.
Design is a meticulous process. Information needs filtering, theories teasing, and solutions testing. It’s true, God is in the details.

#9 We’re All on the Same Team.
Good design requires exploring new mental territory. So things may get uncomfortable, and at times we may even disagree. But this is all necessary in creating stand-out visual communication.

#10 Do Not be Afraid.
If you want to stand out, you have to be different, and that means going where no one has gone before. So once the homework is done, trust the process, and remember: fortune favours the brave.